Accurate Machine Products provides precision machining of many different types of parts in varying quantities.


At Accurate Machine Products we have experience working with many different materials including; brass, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, inconel, hastalloy and various plastics and composites. There is no material that we are unwilling to consider.

We have experience working in many different fields including: wind power, hydraulics, oil industry, aerospace, and defense. We apply the experiences we have gained from these fields to every part and project.


Diameters up to 14"

Barfeeding up to 2.5"

Lengths up 48"+

Barfeed capacity of 21' allows us to through feed long parts

Live tooling

Live tooling and multi-splindle


40" x 20" travel

We can often run larger parts when needed.

'Z' height up to 20"

Taller parts aren't a problem.

Diverse fixturing

Our skilled machinists and design experts are ready.


CAD & CAM Processing

Display of CAD and CAM Processing
Staged picture of workbench and lathe machine

Advanced Capabilities

We are constantly reinvesting in our equipment, tooling, and staff to assure we stay current with latest technologies.

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