At Accurate Machine Products we offer many services that are designed to complement one another. From reverse engineering to assembling and testing a finished product, we will work with you to find the best fit for both ease of mind and budget.


  • Do you have a need for custom fixtures and components for your facilities and products?
  • Do you have wear parts in your equipment that have a long lead time or seem over priced?
  • Do you find yourself modifying OEM parts to meet your needs?
  • Accurate Machine Products is your solution!

Our skilled craftsmen can build to your prints and specs or we can design and build to your concept and/or samples.


At Accurate Machine Products we have the knowledge and capabilities to assemble your product and assure that it is of top quality. From complete, ready to ship products to basic preassembly preparation we have you covered.

  • Complete Product Assembly – We assemble your product and package it to your specifications.
  • Sub Assemblies – Ready to be attached to your product. We can even provide the fasteners in kit form.
  • Preassembly – From O-rings and gaskets to greasing bushings and bearing points.


Kits or kitting is the process of packing a group of components together to be used later. Kits can be as simple as five parts in a plastic bag to hundreds of parts with subassemblies. Kitting can offer many advantages:

  • Streamlined Purchasing   You only need to order one part number, we take care of the rest.
  • Reduced Receiving Time  – You only need to receive in one line item rather that multiple lines.
  • Fewer Suppliers   Parts kitting will reduce the number of suppliers you need.
  • Improved Task Organization   Consistent material supply will reduce non-productive time wasted looking for materials.
  • Reduced Holding Costs   Less part numbers means less items to stock and maintain


Accurate Machine Products can rebuild your fixtures or assembly equipment to like new or better than new condition. Our machining and design experience allows us to make quick work of rebuilding your equipment. At the same time we can make modifications and improvements to enhance the functionality of your equipment.


For critical applications Accurate Machine Products offers testing services to meet product requirements. While at this time certified testing is outsourced we have a strong working relationship with local testing labs. If your product has specific testing requirements please contact us for further discussion.